Posted on June 26 2014 by Teddie Kossof

Protect your Locks – Summer time means beach & pool days...while you might be having fun in the sun, your hair isn’t!  Unprotected hair exposed to the elements - chemicals in pool water create havoc on your locks.


At the bare minimum:  Always saturate your hair with tap water  before you ride the waves or take a dip…your hair is like a sponge, if its already wet, it won’t be able to absorb the ocean or pool water that its being exposed to.  When done with your swim, rinse!

Next level of protection:  Do you have color-treated or Keratin Treated hair?  If you do, pay close attention.  The salt of the ocean & chlorine attack your treated hair with a vengeance.   You need additional layers of protection.  Insider tip: use a spray bottle & Mix 2 parts tap water with 1 part hair conditioner and mix well.  After saturating your hair with tap water from a shower or fountain, wring excess water out of your hair & then generously spray your cocktail into your hair…if you are going to be in the water for a long time, you can apply conditioner directly to your hair before you swim.


Maximum protection:  do all of the above but add a sunscreen to the mix!  This will add the benefit of sun damage protection to your hairs cuticle layer & offer you maximum protection against the elements


Is Short Hair Right For You?

Is your hair always in a ponytail? Chances are you would be a great candidate for a short do! People who always wear their hair up tend to be more comfortable with their facial features and having hair off their neck. Ask your stylist what short style would best suit you. Don't forget short hair can be just as sexy as long hair!


Want Long Hair?

Long hair can be beautiful if it’s done right. The most ideal length is right above the chest. Layers are great for keeping this length moving rather than hanging. Any type of long hair should be regularly trimmed and deep conditioned weekly.


Do your Do with Dry Shampoo!  

Use a dry shampoo to re-fresh your hairstyle and restore volume. We suggest ReneFurterer’s Naturia ($24). It absorbs oil, leaving your hair full of bounce!

Teddie Tip:Ideal for 3-4 days after keratin straightening. Also extends color and blow-out. Ideal for the office, moms, long flights & post-workout.