Quick Updos for Your Next Facetime

Quick Updos for Your Next Facetime
Posted on June 13 2020 by Admin

Let’s say you’ve got a video conference in five minutes or a virtual hangout and you need to throw your hair into a style without much time to do it, then give one of these gorgeous yet undemanding looks a try. If you only have a short time, your tresses will be beautiful in a painless updo. Even if you’re just headed out to the store, you’ll have a cute style.

Half Bun

Unruly and dirty locks can be tough to manage down to a passable style, but the half bun is a go-to style when you want to appear polished when your mane is having an off day. You can make a half bun out of almost any length, meaning it’s one of the best styles to turn to in a pinch. With all the potential bun/lower hair combos you’ll be able to have something fresh ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Side Braid

The next time you need an instantly stylish updo, a side braid will serve nicely. A good side braid makes your tresses more than just presentable, this style provides a certain level of chic usually reserved for more time-consuming looks. Play around with the different types of braids, like French, Dutch, and fishtail. You can also finish it off with a cute ribbon that way your hair looks more put together with barely any extra effort.

Sleeked Up Ponytail

Ponytails are the simplest updo do out there, and that might have you believe the style is only bland. But that’s only for the unimaginative. You can keep the simplicity of a ponytail and still have a high-end look with a few tricks. One such method is to go sleek. It looks both chic and professional so whether no matter what’s one the agenda you can count on fantastic hair. Apply your favorite hair oil to get the sleek shine and stop frizz from cropping up. Finally, all that’s left to do is draw your locks into a high ponytail. If you want to go the extra mile use a cute scrunchie or accessory to tie it off.

Twisted Bun

This style gives you a wow factor that looks like it took time when all it takes is a few minutes. At first glance, the weaved bun will fool anyone into thinking you're a pro when it’s secretly super easy. Make two ponytails and twist each one before securing with a small tie. Then tie them into loops. Next, pull one loop of hair through the other and secure everything in place with a bobby bin. The twisted bun style gives your hair a flourish with barely any effort making it great when you want nice hair but don’t have a lot of time.

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