Combat Winter Woes with a Keratin Hair Treatment

Combat Winter Woes with a Keratin Hair Treatment
Posted on December 11 2019 by Admin

If you’re already feeling the cold, dry harshness of winter, it means your hair is as well! At Teddie Kossof, we offer a multitude of keratin smoothing treatments to defend your hair against the elements of winter including static, frizz, and dull, dry hair. They also have some added benefits you’ll love!

Cut your styling time by half. Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, we all need those precious extra minutes each morning. Earn at least 20 extra minutes of either sleep or relax time with a keratin process. Treated hair dries quicker and with smoother hair, there’s no need for a flat iron each day.

Flyaways are a thing of the past. Our keratin hair treatments repair broken cuticles with liquid protein, creating a shaft that is smoother, healthier, and less prone to frizz. When you have treated yourself to keratin, your hair strand isn’t thirsty for that outside moisture, so it’s less susceptible to frequent weather changes and humidity.

Keep your texture in check. Even if you have wavy or curly hair, a keratin treatment can help smooth out your look without losing the texture. You can discuss with your Teddie Kossof stylist how to customize your treatment to keep the level of curl or wave that you desire.

Style on the go and love it. Since your hair is silky smooth and shiny 24/7 after your keratin treatment, there’s little trouble about restyling your hair for those last-minute holiday events or Friday nights where you go straight from the office to on the town. It’s easy to show off your well-groomed locks even after a long day at the office when your hair is so easy and manageable.

Love headwear again. Not only is the static and frizz gone with a keratin treatment, but it also helps with “hat hair,” that dreaded beanie bend you get when you step inside and remove your headwear. Once your past the no-wash period immediately after your treatment, your hair is virtually kink-proof.

At Teddie Kossof, we offer several different options for keratin treatments. Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment is the strongest formula available for maximum benefits. You’ll enjoy up to three months of smooth, healthy, shiny hair with little to no frizz. It repairs damage to the cuticle and, if applied right after a hair color treatment, it will seal & lock-in for longer-lasting color.

If you’re looking for a short-term solution, we offer a Keratin Express Blowout that’s a quicker and less expensive Keratin option to combat the negative effects of winter weather.

We do offer a Keratin RxTreatment, which is an add-on service to keep your Keratin treatment fresh in between treatments. Your stylist will give you recommendations on when it’s best to do this to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

We have a team of 30 expert stylists who are always participating in ongoing education to learn not only the latest trends, but also the best techniques and treatments to keep your hair healthy. Let your stylist at Teddie Kossof alleviate all your winter hair problems.

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