Hacks to Amp Up Your Hair Volume

Hacks to Amp Up Your Hair Volume
Posted on February 28 2020 by Admin

Getting caught with flat hair is enough to ruin anyone’s day, but you can fight against lifeless locks. Paying attention to your hair routine and working in a few of our tips will help you naturally boost volume for stunning hair. If your locks still need help getting that incredible volume you want, come into Teddie Kossof Salon for one of our treatments.

Do your part - Instant volume is as easy as changing where you part your hair. By forcing hair out of its usual place, you get an automatic lift. When you’re in getting a trim or updated color, your hairstylist can easily help go over where to part your hair for added lift.

Take Your Vitamins - All too frequently, we find the culprit of limp hair is a lack of vitamins. Make sure you’re getting the proper intake of vitamins A, B, E, and more. Voluminous hair starts with healthy hair enriched to be strong and stunning

Layer Up - Layers help lighten the weight of hair, so in return, it bounces with volume better. Each layer adds dimension and creates more body. Just don’t go overboard with too many. Extensions are a great way to achieve both length and layers.

Spritz in Dry Shampoo - Dry shampoo was designed to build volume. It also attacks oils that drain the body from your hair. Spray some into your mane right away to prevent those oils from even forming and stealing one minute of your voluminous hair.

Rethink Styling - Sure using your straightener seems like a good idea, but pin-straight hair leeches away body and bounce, while embracing curls or waves keep the volume up. Use rollers or curling irons to create soft, voluminous waves.

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