Spring 2020 Makeup Trends

Spring 2020 Makeup Trends
Posted on May 12 2020 by Admin

Springtime offers some of the best trends and this season definitely isn’t dropping the ball when it comes to exciting and flirty makeup. There’s just something about the warm sunny days that bring out the inspiration for gorgeous eyes, lips, and more. Perfect your look at home with these make ideas, though if you want the help of a professional makeup artist, come to Teddie Kossof!

All in on Glass Skin

Getting picture-perfect skin is no small task, but a flawless fresh appearance is always in trend. Especially with glass skin. Called that because of the luminous, crystal clear effect it has.

While you can always come in for one of our facials to restore skin and elevate certain concerns for natural glass skin, recreating the look with makeup is a huge trend. Just apply some shimmer or highlight powder down your nose, across your cheekbones, and around your eyes for glowy skin in an instant.

White Eyeliner

Cateyes aren’t the only way to get playful with your eyeliner, and this spring we’re favoring a different kind of style. Swapping black or other colors for white is the trendiest way to wear your eyeliner. And don’t be afraid to make a statement with some geometric shapes or layer it with black to build an even more adventurous look.

Cheeks as Sweet as a Peach

Lately, bright peachy cheeks have been all the rage, and they’re only going to get more popular this spring! These colorful cheeks are perfect if you want to add a pop of warmth or keep your makeup more lowkey. The blush frames your cheekbones, makes your eyes pop, and gives you a natural-looking flush so you look gorgeous no matter what you have in mind!

Color Blocking

This marvelous new trend gives you the best from both light and dark hues by using both in your makeup. Instead of the vivid tones familiar to color blocking, create a fresh faced look with a neutral palette. Try softer eye makeup and flow it up with a bold lip color to balance out the colors, like pink eyeshadow with a red lip color.

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