How to Trim Your Bangs at Home

How to Trim Your Bangs at Home
Posted on April 28 2020 by Admin

Have pesky hairs been getting in your eyes all because of overgrown bangs? Fringes can quickly go from manageable to out of control, especially when you can’t get in to see your stylist. Desperate times call for desperate measures! 

There’s no shortage of bang trimming gone wrong stories, but it’s totally possible to do it yourself if you’re careful and remember these steps. We get how scary the idea of doing it yourself can be, but we’ll help walk you through it, so your bangs come out looking beautiful and polished, even when you go it alone. And when you want to try out a new style or have a skilled hand-cut your bangs again, our team at Teddie Kossof is here to help.

Prep Your Bangs

Step one is getting your bangs ready. There are a few little precautions you can take before picking up the scissors that’ll make sure your trim goes as smoothly as possible. Start with dry bangs. If you try to cut them wet, they’ll likely be shorter than you want. You also want to be certain your locks are parted naturally, as you would normally have it. This’ll let you take into account any cowlicks and shape your original cut. 

Use Sharp Scissors

Don’t just go for the nearest pair of scissors; take the time to find the sharpest ones you have around. The blunter the blades, the more likely you’ll make mistakes leaving hair jagged and uneven. If you’re going to attempt to cut your bangs at home it's best to use scissors designed for chopping tresses, but if there aren’t any around, check the edges of the pairs you do have and choose ones with the sharper edges. 

Nail the Technique

It's natural to go right in and cut your bangs straight across, but this is actually where most people go wrong and end up with disastrous results. Instead, use a proper technique and your bang will come out looking neat and beautiful. First, clip back the rest of your hair so you don’t accidentally cut more than you mean too. Then, get snipping with point cutting. This technique is the best method for achieving gorgeous bangs, even on your own. It entails cutting into your fringe, as opposed to across. That way, the ends are trimmed while also giving texture. Just start at the end and cut vertically into your fringe until you hit your desired length.

Hopefully, this will help you trim your bangs on your own without incident, but nothing can replace a cut from a professional stylist. When you’re ready to come in, our stylists are waiting to give you a trimmed and styled fringe. You can find us at 281 North Waukegan Road in Northfield, IL, call or text us to set an appointment at (847) 999-9500, or book an appointment online. To manage appointments and more from your mobile device to make your life way easier, download our free mobile app on iTunes and Google Play.