Posted on July 1 2011 by Teddie Kossof


It's official!  Teddie Kossof is pleased to announce it's exclusive partnership with CLARINS.  As Chicago's 1st independent day spa to feature CLARINS skincare and the exclusive SkinSpa treatments offered at their flagship SkinSpa's in NYC, Teddie's invites you to visit the spa and ask for complimentary samples of items you may be interesting in using.


Special Offer: Book a CLARINS Facial through July 31st, 2011 and receive a Deluxe CLARINS skincare package!  Call today or BOOK ONLINE.


Be sure to look for our ad in the JULY ISSUE of CS MAGAZINE!  In the meantime, please get acquainted with our press release:




RE:  Madison Avenue Comes To Chicago’s North Shore

Europe’s Leading SkinSpa & Premier Beauty Products Brings Exclusive Treatments And Training To Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa.

Northfield, IL.  (June 7, 2011)…”You don’t need Madison Avenue for the Clarins experience anymore,” says Alan Kossof, General Manager & Salon Director at Teddie Kossof Salon Spa in Northfield.  “We have it right here.  We’re the only spa on the NorthShore offering Clarins SkinSpa facial treatments to men and women, with specially selected Clarins skin care products.”


Kossof met Barry McCaffrey, National Director of Sales for Clarins at a beauty seminar, and discovered common elements between their businesses.  Both companies are strongly

committed to providing high quality, excellent customer service and innovation.  What’s more, both firms draw clients from afar.  It wasn’t long before an agreement between both companies was made. 


Alan Kossof with Barry McCaffrey from CLARINS 


“One of our mantras is try before you buy, says McCaffrey.  “And there’s certainly no better way of experiencing the results of the product than through a professional Clarins SkinSpa facial treatment.”  


Clarins, Europe’s leader in beauty products, developed its reputation over 50 years ago by taking the world of beauty seriously.  Its founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins created entirely manual treatment methods using all-natural plant based products. 


“You can’t ignore the fact this is a brand sustaining all the challenges of our time,” says Kossof.  “It’s a green company, with the highest quality ingredients, and at the same time, it’s able to deliver a fair market price.  That’s what attracted me to the Clarins line.” 


To create the SkinSpa experience, Kossof’s staff underwent advanced training, covering the Clarins Touch Method.  The method is inspired by manual lymphatic drainage, which drains excess fluids and toxins from the skin while lifting, toning and firming.  The Kossof team also learned how to use natural aromatherapy to induce the body’s natural response to relaxation.  In addition, they were fully trained in all the appropriate home care products that guests should use to maintain the benefits of Clarins facials at home.


To experience the benefits of a Clarins SkinSpa treatment, call:  847-446-9526. 

Teddie Kossof Salon Spa is located at

281 Waukegan Road

in Northfield, IL. 

Teddie Kossof Salon Spa is one of the nation’s largest independently owned & operated salons. For over 36 years, Kossof’s salon has served Chicago’s North Shore and has been nationally recognized as a leader in the beauty industry.  (