Posted on September 16 2014 by Teddie Kossof

Fall is here and perhaps while it feels like we never had our summer season, hopefully everyone had a chance to enjoy a few pool days and perhaps a beach day or two!  The fact remains, summer puts stress on our hair, especially for those who ask a lot from our hair.  The rigors of hair coloring, highlighting. keratin treatments, blow-drying, flat-ironing, hair care product usage along with the addition of chlorine and salt water only add stress to your hair.  You should consider the following suggestions to address the care of your hair for the fall & winter season.

Hair & Scalp Detox - That's right, product build-up and your body's natural oils tend to leave a residue on your hair & scalp.  Shampooing does remove some of this, but it's not all gone.  Compare it to getting a deep cleansing facial.  We highly recommend that you do this at least once a month to maintain scalp health and strong healthy hair.  Our service begins with using Colorproof Clear-it-up ($30.95) and depending on scalp conditions we will treat with  Rene Furterer Complexe 5 or Milbon Plarmia.

Long Hair? Get a trim - We know you love your locks and its natural to think, "I'm growing it out..." so getting it cut does not make sense, right?  Wrong, getting frequent trims actually promotes growth and it's also the best plan to maintaining style while you keep it long.  Schedule a complimentary consultation with Teddie or schedule with your favorite Teddie Kossof hairstylist.

Feed the Roots - Just like a plant in fertile soil, your hair needs the proper environment to maintain proper strength and to combat thinning or hair loss.  Designed as the essential product to properly cleanse your scalp by removing debris and build-up and feeding your follicle with essential oils, using Complexe 5 from Rene Furterer ($47) you can achieve a toned & balanced scalp. 

Replenish Moisture - To achieve that youthful appearance to your hair, the essential component is to properly restore the moisture level in your hair's cortex.  Over the counter hair care brands just don't cut need a professional solution designed to penetrate your hair's cortex and deliver moisture where it's truly needed. Our in-salon treatment, Nigelle is our premium hair treatment ($55, $45 with service)

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