Teddie’s creation, the Teddie Kossof Salon, Spa & Wellness Center, is the nation’s largest beauty emporium of its kind under one roof. There are 40 stylists, 9 nail technicians, 9 colorists, 4 estheticians, 3 masseuses, 2 makeup artists……And that’s just in the salon. Add to that the spa and the wellness center, with services ranging from cosmetic dentistry to cosmetic surgery, and you begin to grasp the magnitude of Teddie’s creation. You can eat lunch, buy an outfit, have it tailored, and be ready for the ball by 5, looking and feeling better than new.

Teddie’s serves over 2,000 clients weekly in a beautiful, three-story complex. The atmosphere is vibrant and inviting. The helpful staff usher clients from the front desk to their various destinations with ease and professionalism.

The brisk pace of activity ensures that no one waits long for an appointment. Even so, one of the great pleasures of a visit to Teddie's is people watching. There are as many men and women enjoying the varied services as there are notions of beauty and wellness.

Although women are the majority of his clientele, these days nearly 1 in 4 customers are male. “More men are discovering that this experience is for them,” reveals Teddie.

Teddie’s dedication to his customers has kept his business growing. Twice in the last two years he’s been honored as one of the “top 20” salon owners in the U.S. by Salon Today Magazine, which described him as a “role model salon leader.”


Business success has allowed Teddie to give generously back to the community, and for Teddie, that is one of its chief rewards. Some of his favorite charities are: Children’s Memorial Hospital, the Juvenile Diabetes Association, the Children’s Place, Krohn’s Disease Foundation, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Northbrook/Glenview Youth Services, and Y-Me breast cancer awareness organization.

Teddie continually strives for excellence. “Our commitment to the beauty and health needs of our clients, to the community, and to the beauty industry, will never stop,” Teddie said.



Teddie Kossof has achieved something that few people do. He commands enough respect and influence within his industry to go by a single name: Just call him Teddie.

Since 1975, Teddie has been a distinguished premiere salon owner, creative stylist and trend-setting consultant to salons nationwide. He remains an active hairstylist, keeping a full and exclusive client roster.