Japanese Hair Straightening- The Permanent Frizz Solution

Japanese Hair Straightening- The Permanent Frizz Solution
Posted on November 15 2020 by admin

In the spring and summer, it’s too much humidity that causes frizzy hair to pouf. In the fall in winter, it’s the lack of moisture in the air that dries hair out and brings on the frizz. There may be a happy medium in between, a few precious days of perfect conditions for zero frizz days, but they are short-lived. We’ve passed the midpoint of autumn, and as the dry indoor heat comes on and the temperature and humidity outside continues to fall, you are probably finding yourself battling the frizz again.

What if there were a way to win the battle against frizz once and for all, and get the silky smooth straight strands you long for without the hassle? There is, and you needn’t look any further than Teddie Kossof! Japanese hair straightening is a thermal reconditioning treatment that can permanently smooth your tresses to give you sleek strands without the fuss.

So what is Japanese hair straightening and how does it work? This popular treatment originated in Japan in the 1990s. It’s a texturizing treatment that permanently straightens your hair. A solution is applied to your hair to break the protein bonds inside your strands. Once this process is complete the solution is washed out and a conditioning treatment applied. After the conditioning treatment is absorbed small sections of hair are passed through a thermal straightener. Once all sections are ironed straight the neutralizer solution is applied and allowed to work before being rinsed out and the hair blow-dried. A final pass with a flat iron will smooth out any waves or kinks left behind.

There are other benefits to this straightening treatment. Obviously, you’ll enjoy months of sleek, frizz-free strands, but your greatest benefit will quite likely be the time savings on your daily routine. Not only will you no longer need to heat style your hair every day, but it will dry faster than ever before. Not to mention that neither humidity nor dry air will be able to foil your style with frizz.

Japanese hair straightening is not suitable for everyone. This treatment is best for those with loosely curled or wavy hair that want to ditch the flat iron and frizz. If your hair has been chemically treated recently, whether by coloring, bleaching, permed or relaxed, make sure you discuss this with your stylist. Extra care will be required to protect the health of your hair if you choose to straighten with this process. Your Kossof stylist will be better able to help you decide if this treatment is right for you after they’ve had the opportunity to assess your hair type and condition.

If you’re ready to experience the straightest, smoothest strands of your life come to see the amazing stylists at Teddie Kossof. Our team of hair care professionals is committed to helping you to always look your best with the latest hair care and styling trends. Call or text us today to schedule a consultation at (847) 999-9500, or book an appointment online. You will find us at 281 North Waukegan Road in Northfield, IL. To manage appointments and more from your mobile device, download our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.