Experience the Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Experience the Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage
Posted on September 14 2020 by admin

With the busy modern lifestyle seems to come to an abundance of stress and little time for rest and relaxation. In those times that you manage to steal a moment for yourself, you need to ensure that you are making the most of it. Indulging in a hot stone massage with the professional massage therapists at Teddie Kossof is the perfect way to experience deep relaxation and get maximum benefits from your downtime.

What is a Hot Stone Massage, and What Makes It Different?

In the world of massage, there are many options. All involve the manual manipulation of muscles to promote relaxation and relieve tension and pain. Hot stone massage goes one step farther. It is different because, in addition to the traditional massage, hot stones are applied strategically in areas of tension. The heat from the stones allows the therapist to promote relaxation deep within the tissues where they would not normally be able to reach.

Who Would Benefit from a Host Stone Massage?

The answer to this question is quite simple- everyone! However, there are a few select individuals that may find this massage technique especially helpful. Those with sore, overworked muscles will really appreciate the added relaxation this massage provides. People with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia may also find the heat of the stones especially soothing.

Benefits Beyond Relaxation

It’s a given that a hot stone massage relieves muscle pain and tension, but it may provide benefits beyond relaxation as well. Studies have shown that massage can boost your mood, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep. Massage also increases circulation and reduces the frequency and severity of muscle cramps and spasms.  Other studies suggest that massage can positively impact your immune system and help to lower blood pressure.

If you’re short on time and need to get maximum benefits from the R&R time that you have, come see us at Teddie Kossof. Our massage therapists are up to date on the latest techniques to be able to give our clients a wonderfully relaxing spa experience like no other. After all, you work hard and you deserve to treat yourself to the best! Call or text us today to schedule an appointment at (847) 999-9500, or book an appointment online. You can find us at 281 North Waukegan Road in Northfield, IL. To manage appointments and more from your mobile device, download our free mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.