Nail Trends to Try ASAP

Nail Trends to Try ASAP
Posted on January 31 2020 by admin

In need of some new mani ideas? You’ve come to the right place! Our experts would love to hook you up some fabulous nails. We’re always on top of the latest trends and have just what you want to get the perfect manicure. Stop by Teddie Kossof’s for a trendy manicure, whether it’s a classic, french, extensions, and everything you need to have stunning nails.

Ombre nails are all about choice. Vibrant or subtle? The colors? With all the options, you can really let yourself shine through these nails. Right now, the tonal trend uses the same color

Palette to create a smooth, pretty gradient.

Matte is another one of those long-loved trends that are currently making a triumph return to nails. The clean look is simple and easy to match with almost any color and design.

Clutching your pearls takes on a whole new meaning with this shiny manicure! You can pick an iridescent color for the polish or go all in the pearls and get a few adornments. Pearl nails can be just subtle enough to suit anyone’s taste.

Good news! French nails are back in style. We’ll always love the look of the traditional white tip, but lately, you can’t miss the modern twist. Fun colors help revive a French mani for your style. You can also come back into Teddie Kossof’s for a French polish change, so your nails stay fresh.

Negative Space
Cool negative space manis are our latest obsession. You’ll adore the edgy geometric and asymmetrical patterns that come out from using crips lines of colors on your nails.

Let us take care of all your nail needs at Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa. On top of all our different manicure and pedicure services, luxuriate with aromatherapy and sea salt scrub or paraffin treatment.

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