Alleviate Skin Breakouts from Facial Masks with Proper Skin Care

Alleviate Skin Breakouts from Facial Masks with Proper Skin Care
Posted on July 6 2020 by admin

Thankfully Illinois has been able to open many businesses, including salons & spas, with CDC guidelines in place. Sanitizing tools and work areas, distancing guests from other salon chairs, and of course, wearing masks are strongly encouraged or mandatory. It’s true that mask-wearing is for your protection as well as others, it doesn’t negate the fact that constant mask-wearing can cause skin breakouts.

At Teddie Kossof Salon, we know how to protect your skin from problems and offer professional products to keep your skin clear and healthy.

Here are some tips to keep your skin clear of breakouts, healthy, and moisturized from the abuse it takes from constant mask-wearing.

Use high-quality skincare products. Skincare products do make a difference to your skin. Making sure the products match your skin type is the first step in making sure they effectively work for your skin. Your Teddie Kossof esthetician can help you find the right skincare products for your skin type so that skin breakouts are kept to a minimum. **Hot Tip: A great product to keep on hand is our Avene lip care products to keep your lips hydrated and supple all day long.

Wash your mask with sensitive-skin products. Your facial skin is delicate and is prone to drying out and breaking out. When you wash your mask, be sure to use a fragrance-free, sensitive-skin cleaner. Think of it like this, your face is as sensitive as baby’s skin – use what you’d use for your baby.

Wear less makeup. This may be a hard one for you ladies who don’t go out of the house without your “face” on. Eye makeup is still an option but makeup that is covered by your face mask can cause clogged pores. As you wear your mask, moisture builds up from the heat under your mask which leads to acne breakouts. Try to keep the skin under your mask as clean and makeup-free as possible.

Opt for breathable material. The heavier your mask fabric, the more moisture that will accumulate. Opt for light cotton or natural blend over polyester, flannel, or synthetic blends. The lighter the option, the cooler, and less sweaty your mouth and nose area will be.

Pay attention to your ears. Masks with elastic may stay on well but they can irritate your ears after a full day of mask-wearing. There are options to alleviate chaffing or irritation behind the ears. Try an extender that wraps around your head to attach the straps of the mask, use some cute hair clips, or attach the elastic to your glasses.

What Causes the Breakouts

There are 3 main things that will cause skin breakouts while wearing your mask:

  1. Friction from the material – the mask rubbing against your skin will cause irritation to delicate skin.
  2. Skin irritation – any material will cause your skin to dry out as well as dryness from detergent touching your face.
  3. Decreased air circulation – breathing in air that you just breathed out causes a warm, moist environment for bacteria to breed and cause breakouts.

It’s important to take care of your skin, especially in these trying times. Regular facial treatments will help to keep your face moisturized, decrease the chance of skin breakouts, and will keep your skin healthy and young-looking.

At Teddie Kossof, we offer a variety of facial treatments to improve your skin and treat targeted skin concerns. Whether it’s our signature facial, an intensely hydrating facial, or a targeted restorative facial treatment, we can take care of your skin to ensure that it’s moisturized, radiant, and healthy.

We have some changes to our appointment procedure: Arrive 15 minutes early at text “HERE” to 847.999.9500 so we can notify you when you may come into the salon. Facial masks are required and must cover both your nose and mouth. Sanitize your hands at Station 1 and then proceed to Station 2 for a no-contact temporal scan. At this time, we cannot have additional guests visiting the salon with you.

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