Posted on July 25 2013 by Teddie Kossof

What’s new with your Manicure?…well the trend is if you’re not doing something…then you’re not having fun with the current nail trends for 2013.

“Everything is game, but the trend is to put a spin on the traditional approach to your manicure & pedicure” says Alan Kossof, Co-Owner of the Teddie Kossof Salon in Northfield, IL. “Have fun with color & dare to be different” says Kossof as he laid out what’s hot. “Let’s take your traditional French Manicure, gone are those classic white tips, instead, add a splash of color, black, red, you name it…When I comes to your classic manicure, why do all the nails have to have the same color? Add a 2nd color on your inky, middle or fore finger to create a statement that says…I’m different!” The trend does not stop with solid colors either…add shimmer, matte or textured effects or decal art to personalize even more!

The newest trend at Teddie Kossof addresses better skin care for your hands & feet. Kossof, who has an exclusive with CLARINS, Europe’s #1 prestige skin care brand introduced the CLARINS Manicure &Pedicure; and is currently offering it at no additional cost. “Most women don’t pay attention to the quality of the skin on their hands and feet. Especially our hands, where exposure to the sun & elements is a constant, added Kossof, “Like your face, your hands show signs of aging I have always been surprised that women often over-look the need for better care of the skin care of their hands & feet. That’s why I introduced our CLARINS Manicure & Pedicure. We incorporate the retail & professional products to create a service that offers and exfoliating treatment followed by a moisture rich mask to hydrate the skin surrounding your hands & feet.” What’s on the horizon for Kossof? He has plans to introduce his medi-Pedi, a service that naturally reduces & eventually removes calluses from your feet.

Nail & hand care for the women on the go:

Every purse should be armed with OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil on the go & CLARINS Hand & Nail Cream.

The cuticle oil has an easy to use brush applicator that instantly replenishes the nail bed & cuticle with vitamin E, Avocado, sunflower, sesame & kukui nut oils.

CLARINS Hand & Nail Treatment Cream contains an emollient –rich formula fortified with Japanese mulberry, after it moisturizes, it creates an invisible shield to the elements, minimizes the signs of aging, while it strengthens your nails & conditions the cuticle.