Posted on April 1 2012 by Teddie Kossof

THE COLOR DEPT. @ TEDDIE KOSSOFhas just released its newest service, Keratin Blonde.

Q & A with Alan Kossof, Co-Owner & Salon Director -Teddie Kossof Salon Spa

What is Keratin Blonde?
It is the most advanced highlighting system available to professional hair colorists. The special formula has the ability to improve the condtion of your hair while achieving the best looking blondes.

How Does it Work?
The act of the highlighting process is basically the same. However, it is the combination of benefical ingredients that sets this service far apart from your "classic" highlight service.

So What are the Beneficial Ingredients?

The lightening powder contains:

  • Panthenol (ProVitamin B5)
  • Natural Keratin Protein
  • Blue Color Pigment

The Developer contains:

  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Hydrolyzed Silk Protein
  • Collagen

Bottom Line:This highlighting service is a game changer...if you want to be a silky smooth blonde, then Keratin Blonde is for you!

Before & After...Meet Sara

Sara came to Teddies with a problem. Her blonde hair had been bleached nearly to death. It was dry, brittle and damaged.It didn't look healthy or natural- the stark color contrasts and scorched highlights were unflattering, and the texture was so damaged it "felt like cotton candy." She wanted rock star blonde hair.

Master Colorist John Salvadorewas able to restore the health of her hair and fix the color all in one process, using theKeratin Blonde Highlightservice. The change in texture was so dramatic, it almost jumps out of the photo below. That frizzy and lifeless hair now has afeathery soft feelthat islight and manageable. John brought the color to a platinum blonde sheen that is rich and believable.

John was so impressed with the results of the exciting newKeratin Blonde Highlightservice that he now recommends it to all his eligible clients."This treatment is a real breakthrough: you canbe as blonde as you want to be- without worrying that your hair will feel damaged. And the richness of color it supports is stunning."