Maintaining Healthy Hair with Tips from Kossof

Maintaining Healthy Hair with Tips from Kossof
Posted on April 10 2020 by Admin

Taking care of hair at home is essential to keep it healthy and beautiful. When your hair isn’t getting the attention it needs, it is so much more prone to breakage, splits ends, frizz, the list goes on and on! Good habits are a must of you want to make sure your locks stay looking lovely. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to maintain gorgeous hair all on your own! 

First Steps Always Start In the Shower

Showering seems simple enough, but it only takes a couple of missteps here to leave your tresses a disaster.  The way we wash our and just how we wash says a lot about how healthy it likely is. Hair can be picky, so only choose shampoo and conditioner that works correctly for you and try and stay with similar products. You’re better off avoiding a mix of products since shampoo and conditioner from the same line share a similar formula causing a more consistent reaction in your hair. Showering with more lukewarm water also helps your scalp from drying out.

Treat Your Scalp Right

Speaking of your scalp, healthy hair needs a healthy base to grow from. Sadly, some of our scalps don’t get the love they need to promote stronger hair growth. While washing clears away dirt and debris around the scalp, overdoing it strips your head and hair of the oils it needs to stay in good shape. Cleansing also soothes dried scalps and stops dandruff in your locks. You can use a special cleansing product or a small bit of oil to massage into your scalp, giving it some much-appreciated relief.

Take Care to Protect

We all do things that hurt our hair, but those with naturally ravishing hair, know that taking precautions against stressors is the key to a happy mane. Before you even thinking of picking up a hot styling tool, use a protective product and sensible methods to minimize damage. Heat robs locks of moisture, so hair is frizzy and fragile. If you can’t stay away from the hairdryer, curling, or flat iron, always apply a protective product before. This way, heat is blocked from having a larger effect. Keep in mind holding the dryer at a farther distance helps hair from frizzing or developing split ends, too. 

Keep Product Use Light

On the topic of products, it’s as crucial to apply a sufficient amount as using it in the first place. Too much of a product build up in your hair and wreaks any progress to restored and thriving strands. Watch how much you’re using from shampoo and conditioner to oils and sprays. 

Eat Your Vitamins

There’s plenty you can directly to to your mane that improves it’s appearance and addresses damage, but if hair’s not healthy from the start, there’s little difference any once trick can do. That’s why nourishing your body is one of the biggest things you can do to help your locks. On top of eating a healthy diet in general, don’t forget there are certain vitamins that directly affect how your hair grows and how much it can withstand. B complex, iron, vitamin d, and biotin are only some of the vitamins that enhance your mane from within. 

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