Great Summer Haircuts that Transition Easily to Fall

Great Summer Haircuts that Transition Easily to Fall
Posted on August 13 2020 by Admin

With so many things on your bucket list for the summer, you really don't want to be spending your time trying to keep a high-maintenance hairstyle in check. What you need is something versatile and easy to care for that will give you flawless style from summer straight on through to fall. The talented stylists at Teddie Kossof are here to help. Here are a few haircut ideas to help inspire you.

Lovely Low Maintenance Layers

You can lighten up thick hair for summer by thinning it out with light and airy layers. But layers aren’t just for thick tresses. If you have thin strands, the layers can help to volumize and add dimension. This is a style that doesn't start to look shaggy between visits, and it's always in season, so very little maintenance is required.

Edgy Undercut

Looking for something a little bit daring? Take a walk on the wild side with an edgy undercut. Buzzed sides and back get a bright pop of color with bold hues like magenta and jewel blue. The longer layers on top can keep the bright under-sections hidden to make it suitable for the office, and you can reveal your fun and flirtatious secret whenever you’re ready. To transition to fall, simply change out the color underneath for something a little more earthy or perhaps a fiery red or deep plum.

The Long Lob

What exactly is a lob you ask? A lob is simply a long bob. It offers the convenience of short hair along with the versatility of longer hair. It will take off some weight and lighten things up for the warmer months and grow out flawlessly when cooler weather sets in.

Shaggy Pixie Cut

Does the summer heat have you at your wit’s end? Do you long to go super short but are afraid to make such a drastic change this close to fall? Why not give a long shaggy pixie cut a try? By leaving it a little longer, you’ll be giving yourself a jumpstart on growing it out into a sleek bob when it's time to pull out those long sleeves and scarves.

The talented stylists at Teddie Kossof can create the perfect style to take you seamlessly from summer into fall. Our stylists are well educated in the latest techniques and hairstyle trends to keep your style current. As well, our Kossof Beauty has all your hair care product needs.

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