Moroccanoil interviews Teddie Kossof Salon

MOROCCANOIL Interview with Alan Kossof
Posted on February 19 2022 by

Moroccanoil recently interviewed Alan Kossof, co-owner of Teddie Kossof Salon Spa in Northfield, IL 60093.  Their article features the salons history, it's commitment to it's salon professonals, how it got through the pandemic and it's dedication to the community.

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Tell us about Teddie Kossof. When was it founded? How has it evolved? How would you describe the energy there?


My father, Teddie Kossof, founded the Salon in 1975.  His vision was to create a destination for beauty on Chicago’s North Shore.  A world of beauty all under one roof.  The salon is 17,000 square feet, but its design is unique, as there are many smaller private spaces, which make our guest feel very comfortable.  The blend of talent and their backgrounds, ethnicity and the range of services we offer create a special energy throughout the salon.

Teddie in 2002, styling a model for the Rush University Medical Center Fashion Show.

What is your role in/connection to the salon? Tell us about your personal history there.


The salon will be celebrating 48 years in February 2022, I just turned 45.  I was a frequent visitor to the salon at a very young age, I believe I was 7 years old when my father would bring me to work with him on Saturdays.  Sweeping hair from the floors and polishing mirrors was my specialty back then!  Over the years my role expanded, in my high school and college years, helping with shampooing hair and assisting guests with customer service.   After college, I decided to join full time and began my study of the business, and what it took to run a world-class salon.  I had a great teacher guiding me, my father is very hands on himself, with an exclusive clientele.  He prides himself on getting in touch with new guests through his exclusive consultation services and placed clients in the chairs of the stylist he felt would be best suited for the work to be performed.  It is a very successful formula for us.

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