Each time you visit Teddie Kossof, we will give you TeddieRewards. ALL of your purchases earn you a 2% rebate—over time they add up, and you can redeem them for free products and services... it's our way of saying thank you for your loyalty!

You can start redeeming your rewards once you earn $20 in rebate credit.



What are TeddieRewards? 
Teddie Kossof Salon Spa offers TeddieRewards as a part of our Loyalty Program. This is a free program and is presented as a courtesy to all our clients.

What are TeddieRewards good for?  
TeddieRewards can be redeemed for products and services at Teddie Kossof Salon Spa.

How do I get started? 
Just book an appointment. All Teddie Kossof clients are automatically enrolled in the program, and are already earning rewards.

What do I earn with my TeddieRewards?
Basically anything you want! You earn 2% in rebate credit on every dollar spent on all services and retail purchases, every time you visit Teddie's—and those credits can be used towards any future product purchase or service. We use points to keep track of your account, where 1 point earned is valued at $0.02 (or 2% of your purchases).

How do I redeem TeddieRewards?  
You can redeem once you have earned a minimum of $20 in rebate credit. Redemption takes place when you checkout for your Salon Spa services. Simply notify client relations upon checkout that you would like to use your rewards balance. Remember, you must have a min. $20 rebate in order to redeem.

How do I earn extra TeddieRewards?  
We offer the following ways to earn extra rewards:

  • Double Points on ALL Retail Purchases (If you Shop www.KossofBeauty.com as a registered user, 2x points will apply)
  • Earn 50 Points when booking your appointment on-line
  • Earn 100 Points for Referring a NEW Client (old referrals do not apply)
  • Earn 50 Points when pre-booking your next appointments at ring-up (in-salon)
  • Earn 100 Points when you spend $200 or more in retail purchases per visit
  • Earn 100 Points when you try a service for the first-time
  • Bonus Points will also be issued when we offer special promotions, we'll let you know what the bonus offer is at the time of the promotion.

Please Note: Your TeddieRewards are awarded once you visit the salon for your appointment. No listing appears if you have 0 points. Points CAN be shared or distributed. Each client account accumulates points separately. Points do not expire. You may use them at your convenience once you have earned a min. $20 rebate.

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